Chanserv Commands

/join #channelJoin or create a new channel
/part #channelto leave a channel
/leave #channelto leave a channel
/ChanServ HELPhelp
/chanserv register #channel password description
Then make sure you do this:
/msg chanserv identify #channel password
Register a new channel
*Note* Ensure your nick is registered too!
/chanserv drop #channelDrop a channel/delete a registered channel
/chanserv logout #channel nicknameLogout of a channel
/chanserv option parametersSet channel options
/chanserv option parametersSet a founder
/ChanServ ACCESS #channel nicknameSee access level of a nickname in a channel
/ChanServ ADDOP #channel nickname levelAuto op a nickname
/ChanServ CHANOP #channel ADD nickname level
/ChanServ CHANOP #channel DEL nickname
/ChanServ CHANOP #channel DEL listnumber
Adds a op to a channel
Deletes an op from a channel
Lists ops in a channel
/ChanServ AKICK #channel ADD nick!user@host reason
/ChanServ AKICK #channel DEL nick!user@host
Auto kicks a nick from a channel

Deletes a auto kick
We are working on this page and will be adding more over the next few weeks! For now this will get you started.